I Am Who I Am - Neil Johnson

The story of the burning bush is one of the most iconic turning points in the biblical historical narrative. This storyline has been at the center of many plots from Hollywood and beyond. Exodus 3:1-22 gives a brilliant reminder that God doesn’t simply stack up against other gods, but is living and active. He is the God who is. Join us as we discover the impact of the name of Yahweh and how the LORD God leads us because of who He is.

The Lord is Our Righteousness - Neil Johnson

In the dark days of Israel under the prophet Jeremiah there isn’t much hope handed down through the prophet. But there are elements that point forward to the coming messiah and the covenant promise God is making with his people that He would be The Lord our Righteousness. Many of us may ask “How good is good enough?” and in Christ we have a clear response of God’s truth for where we measure up. Jeremiah 23:5-6

In Darkness Shadow - Stephen Schoenwald

Our second week of “Yahweh Rohi” from Psalm 23:4-6 points us toward how we relate with God in the face of fear. The frame of this truth comes from the provision of God and his purpose in our lives. There is much to understand when we look to the good Shepherd as our leader and all the ways he cares for his flock. Join us as we consider our personal relationship with God in the darkest of days.

The God Who Sees - Stephen Schoenwald

You are important to God. In all of creation and humanity, it is easy to feel insignificant. Genesis 16:1-16 we find Abram who has received God’s promise but had a very hard time when he count have a son. The God who sees drives this story as Sarah feels insignificant but receives the promised son. Join us as we consider how we are valued by God and purposed for His glory.


Matthew 11:4; Isaiah 35:5-6; Galatians 6:10; James 1:27

The circumstances of many who end up homeless are not what we think. Their situations don’t always fit the narrative of what we have heard or seen in our culture. Join us as we hear Julie Hardy share her story of God’s plan despite her season of life living out on the street. Look for ways you can pray and serve for those who need housing and other basic needs.